Whether you are competitive or just enjoy a social game, we have something for everyone

  • Ball Machine
  • Ladies’ & Mens’ Tennis Sessions
  • 4 Tennis Courts (including 1 grass court)
  • Table Tennis & Indoor short tennis
  • Clubhouse & Bar
  • Social evenings & events including:
  • Skittles, quizzes, indoor curling & bar games
  • Family social events & evenings
  • Junior & Senior Tennis Sessions
  • Fun Tournaments for Juniors & Seniors

All for a brilliant price per year of

£112 for adults & £31-£51 for juniors

Plus 20% off  for family memberships

Contact Jo on 01243 606890

2 thoughts on “Tennis

    1. Dear Nicky, unfortunately we aren’t running any club sessions, singles or doubles, as this is not the advice the LTA have given for the time being. Generally most people enjoy doubles but there would be opportunities to play singles outside of the doubles sessions once the restrictions have been lifted and things get back to normal
      Kind regards


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